7 great ways to listen to French online for free

Are you having trouble understanding spoken French? If you have been learning French for a while but still can't follow a conversation, the problem is most likely that you are simply not hearing enough!


Here are seven listening resources that you can find online, for free!

Photo credit: sammydavisdog
Photo credit: sammydavisdog

#1. Watch videos with Yabla

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Yabla contains videos with subtitles, created specifically for French learners.  You can also slow down the videos to make them easier to understand.

#2. Watch TV programmes with Arte

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The Arte TV channel offers programs in French, mostly about culture, but also broadcasts popular TV shows such as Breaking Bad.

#3. Listen to the news with France 24

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24 hour news in French available from wherever you are in the world.

#4.  Listen to live radio

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There's a long list of radio stations that can be listened to live over the internet, so you are bound to find one that plays the music you like, interjected with talking, or a dedicated talk station, discussing current affairs or culture.

#5. Listen to podcasts in French

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At FrenchPod101 you can create a free lifetime account and access dialogues of different levels. The site supplies you with vocabulary, cultural insights, downloads and transcripts.

#6. Free audio books to stream and download

Residential French course in France for adults


Loyal Books currently has 117 free French audio books available. These are largely French literature classics to be found in the public domain, so you can also follow the written text at the same time as listening.

#7. French song videos with subtitles

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You can have real fun listening to the offerings on French Rescue's Youtube channel. What's more, each song is provided with French and English subtitles.








Now there's no excuse to not listen to French every day! You'll soon find it easier to distinguish between words and get the true sense of what's being said.



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