French language

Beware of French "faux amis"!
French language · 16. octobre 2021
Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing! When it comes to French vocabulary, things are not always as they seem and a familiar-looking word can often mean something quite different in French...

It's the wine talking!
French language · 06. septembre 2021
With the September wine fairs about to start up all over France, we dust off our wine vocabulary...

How to talk about extreme weather in French
French language · 28. juillet 2021
With frequent reports of extreme weather events and natural disasters from around the world, we look at how to talk about them in French...

Let's talk about money... in French
French language · 01. juin 2021
Rummage for the right change and not the right words!

50 French animal sayings
French language · 21. mai 2021
These sayings get used a lot, so it's worth familliarising yourself with them, or risk being 'comme une poule qui a trouvé un couteau !'

Not your usual happy, smiley self?
French language · 11. mai 2021
Let's talk about it (in French, of course!). Here's a toolbox of 25 French expressions to use when you are not in the best of moods...

7 great ways to listen to French online for free
French language · 30. avril 2021
Are you having trouble understanding spoken French? If you have been learning French for a while but still can't follow a conversation, the problem is most likely that you are simply not hearing enough!

50 ways to speak in French
French language · 15. avril 2021
It's not always what you say, but how you say it that matters...

From months to minutes - talking about time in French
French language · 26. mars 2021
The clocks are about to change and a new month is just around the corner! The year is going by so quicky!

Le printemps - c'est parti!
French language · 18. mars 2021
Looking out of the window we can see our plum trees (pruniers) are in full blossom (en fleurs), which is a sure-fire sign that spring has arrived in Gourdon... So today we will be busy in the garden (and brushing up on our French gardening vocab!).

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