It's the wine talking!

With the September wine fairs about to start up all over France, we dust off our wine vocabulary...

Public Domain - Nicepik.com
Public Domain - Nicepik.com

Le vin - Wine

Le vin rouge - Red wine

Le vin rosé - Rosé wine

Le vin blanc - White wine

Le champagne - Champagne

Une bouteille de vin - A bottle of wine

Une bouteille à vin - A wine bottle

Un verre de vin - A glass of wine

Un verre à vin - A wine glass

Un pichet - A jug

Le cépage - Grape variety

Le millésime - The vintage

Les fûts (m) de chêne -Oak barrels

Un vin de table - A table wine

Appellation d'origine protégée (AOP) - Protected Designation of Origin

Un bouchon - A cork

Un tire-bouchon - A bottle opener / corkscrew

Une capsule à vis - A screw cap

Un bouchon à vis - A screw cap



Un vigneron - A winemaker

Un vignoble - A vineyard

Une vigne - A vine

Une cave à vin - A wine cellar

Un casier à bouteilles - A wine rack

Boire - To drink

Une dégustation - A tasting

Goûter - To taste, to sample

Cracher - To spit out

Trinquer - To have a toast

Un vin fruité - A fruity wine

Un vin sec - A dry wine

Un vin doux - A sweet wine

L'acidité (f) - The acidity or 'freshness'

L'onctuosité (f) - The smoothness

Les tanins (m) - The tannins

Pétillant, effervescent, mousseux - Sparkling

Les bulles - Bubbles

Un vin bouchonné - A corked wine

En bouche - In the mouth (flavour)

Le nez - The 'nose' or bouquet

La robe - The 'dress' or colour



The above vocabulary lists will give you an excellent basic tool kit to go out and start filling the wine cellar. For those wine enthusiasts amongst you, who already have a good level of French, here is an excellent video that will help you to really sound like an expert!


And to really start sounding like a native, sprinkle some of these wine-based sayings into your conversation!


La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin - Life is too short to drink bad wine (Life's too short...)

A bon vin ne faut pas de bouchon - A good wine doesn't need a cork (A good artisan doesn't need to advertise)

A bon vin ne faut point d'enseigne - A good wine doesn't need a label (A good artisan doesn't need to advertise)

Savoir mettre de l’eau dans son vin - To know how to water down your wine (To know how to do things in moderation)

Vin à faire danser les chèvres - A wine to make the goats danse (A really bad wine)

Faire jambe de vin - To make 'wine leg' (Drink for the strength to walk, 'Dutch courage')

Qui a bu, boira - He who has drunk, will drink (A leopard never changes its spots)

A votre santé ! - To your (good) health, cheers!



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